A JOURNEY BY FOOT Walkathon May 21, 2011

A Journey by Foot

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A JOURNEY BY FOOT Walkathon is a collaboration between the non-profits SLO Noor Foundation and Doc to Dock. Both organizations are jointly working on the solution to the healthcare dilemmas facing us here and around the world. They will be sharing the proceeds 50/50. SLO Noor Foundation’s funds will go directly to provide medical supplies and equipment. Doc to Dock’s will go directly towards shipping a 40ft container of medical supplies to Africa. Jointly, both Founders will be walking side by side with all of you who want to help everyone have an opportunity to have medical care. They provide high quality healthcare and supplies locally and abroad to those in need.

SLO Noor Foundation is a free medical clinic that will be opening up in San Luis Obispo. It is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Founder: Ahmad Nooristani, Internal Medicine, Medical Director Sierra Vista Hospital.

Doc to Dock is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was originally inspired by the Clinton Global Initiative in 2005. Doc to Dock’s mission is to collect unused medical supplies from the American medical community for redistribution to our counterparts in developing African nations and Haiti. By doing so, this decreases the amount of pressure on the U.S. landfills. Founder: Bruce Charash, Cardiologist, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine NYU.

There are many dilemmas that we face day to day, but one that haunts us all consistently is our health and environment. Living in a era where our landfills are filling up and it’s time for us to go green. Everyday in the United States we throw out 7,000 tons of unused or clearly reusable medical supplies and equipment. Come together, side by side, and hike up Cerro San Luis to give an opportunity for those who do not have medical insurance to get medical assistance in the San Luis Obispo community and help keep the United States landfills down by shipping a 40ft container of medical supplies to Africa.

A JOURNEY BY FOOT Walkathon will hold it’s first annual event May 21, 2011 collaborating between two non-profits SLO Noor Foundation and Doc to Dock. The hike up Cerro San Luis (Madonna Mt) begins at 8AM on the Laguna Lake side of Cerro San Luis followed by music in the plaza at 12PM. Challenge yourself, Run it!

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