Free Medical Clinic Serving Mostly Middle Income Patients

By Carina Corral |  KSBY News

It has been a little more than a month since a free health clinic opened up in San Luis Obispo.

The doctor who founded and runs the clinic to see how many people he’s seeing..and just who is seeking help.

“I’m already booked into July for eye clinic and primary another two months,” said Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, the clinic’s medical director and founder.

He said it has been an overwhelming past five weeks.

The doors are only open two days a week, about four hours a day, and already they have seen 150 patients and have given out $40,000 worth of services free of charge.

95-percent of the patients have been middle class, some working, some who just lost their jobs, even small business owners who just can’t afford health insurance.

“I think as a physician I’ve never been this appreciated and I have never appreciated this much as far as the patient. It’s just amazing. People have cried , people will hug you it’s just an unbelievable experience,” said

Dr. Nooristani would like to expand services and hours, but he can’t do it without help.

The clinic relies 100 percent on donations.

How to help

Tax-exempt contributions can be made to the Noor Free Clinic through