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March 19, 2020
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Breaking Barriers: SLO Noor Spanish Website

Whenever you next visit our website, you might notice a small tab in the bottom right corner that allows you to change your language preference. Thanks to funding from the Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo County, we at SLO Noor have launched a translated version of our website, which will give Spanish-speaking patients better access to resources and information.

This is part of an ongoing effort to boost inclusivity and embrace diversity at our clinics and in our community as a whole. To achieve this, we’ve taken initiatives to ensure that all services are offered in both English and Spanish and that all services are accessible and considerate of the different backgrounds, languages, and cultures of our patients.

As we endure this global pandemic, community members from all corners of the county have been impacted by this crisis, facing job, income, and health coverage loss that can jeopardize their access to vital healthcare. At SLO Noor, we believe that effective care begins with effective communication, and with the impacts of COVID-19 being felt throughout the county, we have been able to accommodate new and existing patients from all walks of life through innovative approaches to technology. Through adjustments that include transitioning to a telehealth model, switching staff and volunteers to telecommuting positions, and updating our clinic’s website, some of the most underserved and vulnerable can now better access treatment and support during and after these unprecedented times.

During this crisis, light has been shed on the harsh reality of our current healthcare system, uniting our supporters, our volunteers, and our staff in the belief that healthcare is a right and that no one should be forced to forgo testing or treatment due to its high cost. Together, we can build a safety net for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, improving healthcare access for all to strengthen our community as a whole. Thank you again to the Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo County for partnering with SLO Noor on this project and helping Spanish-speaking community members access online contact and support information.

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