marzo 13, 2020

Meet Rupert and Bob: Live on the 920 KVEC Dave Congalton Show

Tune in today to hear more about SLO Noor and meet our board members Rupert and Bob as they discuss our latest and greatest with Dave […]
marzo 14, 2020

Donor Spotlight: Our Local PG&E Employees

Amid the current state of uncertainty, we would like to take a moment to recognize some of those who help bring change our community. Over the […]
marzo 19, 2020

SLO Noor Foundation COVID 19 Response & Updates

Last update September 18, 2020 The San Luis Obispo Medical Clinic is open Monday – Thursday, 9am – 5pm, and is accepting new patients. We are […]
mayo 12, 2020

Breaking Barriers: SLO Noor Spanish Website

Whenever you next visit our website, you might notice a small tab in the bottom right corner that allows you to change your language preference. Thanks […]
mayo 20, 2020

Cal Poly Volunteer Spotlight

Despite all the clinic changes due to COVID-19, there was still much work to be done behind the scenes. We would like to salute these Cal […]
junio 27, 2020

SLO Noor Earns Gold Rating from National Association of Free Clinics

SLO Noor Foundation earned a 2020 Gold Rating from the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFCC) Quality Standards Program. By self-attesting that the organization […]