Become a Patient

How to Become a Dental Patient

At the Noor Dental Clinic, volunteers work together to provide free dental care for uninsured, low-income individuals who qualify for the clinic’s services. To qualify, you must meet our eligibility requirements and provide the required documents.

See our FAQ Section for eligibility requirements, definitions and other important information.
The Application Process

Fill out Application Form

Download and fill out the online application form. You do NOT have to provide verification of income or proof of identity at this time.

Download Form

Preliminary Eligibility Determination

We will review your application. If you do NOT meet our requirements based on your statements on the Application form, we will notify you.


Eligibility Interview

Every month our staff will select applications for eligibility verification. You will be contacted to set up an appointment with us. On your scheduled appointment, you will be asked to bring in verification of your eligibility (see “What you must bring to your interview.” below).


Dental Appointment

If you meet all eligibility requirements and have provided all necessary verifications, we will contact you for an appointment as openings become available in the coming months.


What to bring to your Interview

  1. Proof of Identity: You will need to provide photo identification at your Eligibility interview such as a California Driver’s license, state-issued I.D. or U.S. Passport.
  2. Proof of Income: Each working member of the household must provide proof of income, including:

    · Federal tax return for the last year PLUS:
    • Copy of the last three pay stubs from every person who works in the household
    • Unemployment benefits statement and proof of current payment history
    • Proof of social security/disability income or retirement/pension benefits. If you have direct deposit for these checks, you must provide a bank statement
    • Child support/alimony support documentation
    • If you are paid in cash, your employer must provide a letter verifying your income with contact information
    • If self-employed, bring a Profit and Loss statement or a record of state tax sales revenue for past year
    • If living on savings, you must provide three of your most recent bank statements
    • If no income, we require a letter of support from the person who provides food and shelter for you.
  3. Proof of Medi-Cal Denial: Beginning 2021, each applicant must provide a letter of denial by Medi-Cal in order to qualify for SLO Noor Dental Clinic services.

    A letter of Medi-Cal denial can be received by applying for Medi-Cal coverage at the Covered California website or by phone at (800) 300-1506.


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