Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer FAQs

1If I volunteer at the clinic, what will my hours be?
Please check our Contact page for the most current medical, dental, and vision clinic hours. Note that hours may expand in the future depending upon the availability of volunteers.

You can volunteer for any days you want and any hours within that day you prefer. When you volunteer, you are not locked into ongoing or continuing schedule. For example, you do not have to volunteer “every Friday” or “first Wednesday of every month."

Similarly, you can choose the hours you want to work during the day you volunteer. For example, you may choose to work 9 am-1 pm or 1 pm-4 pm. If convenient for you, we may be able to have SLO Noor patients come to your office for occasional appointments.
2I understand that the clinics have their own assistants. Can I bring my own assistant to assist me when I volunteer?
Yes. Some volunteers currently do this. We encourage it! Just let us know that you will be doing this when you volunteer.
3I have equipment/tools/supplies that I prefer to use for some procedures. If you do not have them at your clinic, is it ok for me to bring my own?
Yes. Please do. Just let us know that you will be doing this when you volunteer.
4Do I have to provide a full range of procedures while volunteering at the clinic?
No. You can choose to provide a limited range of services when you volunteer. Just let us know when you volunteer which procedures you will be performing and we will select your patients for these services.
5Which EHR software programs do the clinics use, and what if I am not familiar with the clinic's EHR programs?
Currently, our medical and vision providers use paper charts. For record keeping purposes only, our charters input patient data from paper charts into our EHR software, MDRhythm, retroactively, after patient are seen by medical and vision providers.

In our dental clinic, we do use the EHR software, Dentrix and Dexis digital imaging software. Don’t worry. We do not expect all of our volunteers to be familiar with these systems. We have dental assistants and front office staff who know these systems and will provide the support needed. We can do the needed data input and program interactions while you provide dental services to your patient.

If you have any questions about our medical records and EHR programs, please don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions.
6How are patients triaged for clinical service eligibility?
Prior to their visit, SLO Noor's clinic staff screen all medical, dental, and vision patients for health coverage, income level, and employment status, although it is only required that medical and vision patients are uninsured to receive services. Patients are eligible for SLO Noor dental care if their income does not exceed 200% of that year's Federal Poverty Level. This is the current standard for many free clinics in California.
7What type of professional liability insurance do SLO Noor clinics have?
Because the SLO Noor Foundation is a 501(c)3 free and charitable clinic, we have medical malpractice liability coverage provided under the Federal Tort Claims Act which covers all volunteers who work at our facility.
8Do you have other questions?
Give us a call or send an email. Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a SLO Noor volunteer!