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Noor Dental Clinic

Dental services designed to meet the essential needs in our community

Most of the people who come to the Noor Dental Clinic have not had dental care in many years and are having many problems with their teeth. Our goal is to improve general health by providing patients with a thorough dental exam and provide treatment to relieve pain and infection. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

How it works

Your Dental History

You will complete a Demographics, Health History and Dental History forms. New patients are interviewed to go over your Health History and your situation. It is important that you provide us with your previous dentist’s name in case we have questions relating to your dental history. This helps us to provide safe dentistry and to get a better picture of your dental health.

If you are taking medications, please have a list of your medications and dosages along with your doctor’s name. Please take your diabetes and blood pressure medication before your appointment.


Your Treatment Plan

Following the comprehensive exam, the dentist will provide a plan for your treatment. The dentist will screen to make certain that we can provide safe and effective dental care and to determine your specific needs. Please let us know if you have particular problem areas.

We do general dentistry including exams, x-rays, extractions, fillings and hygiene. Other types of dental treatment, such as crowns, root canals, and extraction of wisdom teeth is limited. The dentist will advise you on what we are able to do for you. Please be aware that the treatment plan can change during the course of your treatment.

Your Dental Hygiene

Good oral health requires a partnership between the dental team and the patient. You will be scheduled for a thorough dental cleaning and instructions on taking care of your teeth. If you have not had your teeth cleaned regularly, this may take more than one visit.

We expect you to follow the oral care instructions given to you as this is important to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. If you are unable to do homecare of your teeth properly, we may have to limit the type of treatment we can provide.

Your Treatment

You will be scheduled to have the treatment done that is planned for you. Our goal is to have all your work completed within six months. Please be aware that we rely on volunteer dentists, so if you need a lot of work, it may take longer. Remember, this is a partnership between you and the dentist. We aim to educate you regarding your particular needs.

You can choose not to have a particular treatment done (for example, you do not wish to have a tooth extracted).

Our Prosthetics Program

We provide removable dentures and partial dentures. If you desire this and if the dentist determines that you are a good candidate, the dentist will discuss this option with you. For most people, dentures will need to be adjusted over their lifetime.

Cancellations and No-Shows

Please read this carefully as we discharge patients from the Clinic for not keeping appointments. Please be on time or early for your appointments.

You will be discharged from the Clinic and not receive further care if you:

  • No-show for 2 appointments. A cancellation of less than 24 hours ahead of your appointment is considered a no-show.
  • Cancel or are late for more than 2 appointments. A cancellation less than 24 hours ahead of your appointment is considered a no-show.


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