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May 12, 2020
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Cal Poly Volunteer Spotlight

Despite all the clinic changes due to COVID-19, there was still much work to be done behind the scenes. We would like to salute these Cal Poly student volunteers for their passion and dedication to Noor during this time: McClane Howland, Jamie Guaspari, and Kate Whitely

McClane Howland

Even when we’re not facing a pandemic, McClane Howland cruises over to the clinic on his bike each week to chart patient visits. A laid back and chill California guy, he’s one of several charters who volunteer at the clinic. [Side note – charting is crucially important as it provides the patient data and statistics required in grant applications.] So, instead of heading home to the Bay Area at the start of this pandemic, McClane stuck around when we needed him most. As our only charter during this pandemic, he has kept the charts from piling up. In addition to being a rock-star at charting, McClane can whip out patient data analysis like no other. Thanks to his help and dedication, we were recently able to apply for several tele-health grants. And all of this on top of being a full-time student! You impress us, McClane!

Jamie Guaspari

As if adjusting to a full load of classes suddenly switching online wasn’t challenging enough, Cal Poly student, Jamie Guaspari, eagerly raised her hand to help us complete a project that’s been on the books for months – offering Noor’s website in Spanish. Jamie spent many hours deep in a worksheet translating text. Because of her amazing work, we were able to quickly unveil a much-needed Spanish version of the website. Jamie also regularly volunteers her time at the clinic helping with a variety of tasks including making reminder appointment calls particularly for our Spanish-speaking patients.

Kate Whitley

Our patients with uncontrolled diabetes have received some special attention during this shelter at home. Kate Whitley, a Cal Poly student interested in a career in medicine, has been helping us target these patients as part of her Senior Project. She has been doing phone visits and gathering information on their diets, exercise patterns, compliance with medications and other factors to help determine some of the obstacles for these patients to achieve better diabetic control. Together with Noor’s Medical Director, Dr. O’Malley, they analyze the information. Her visits are then followed up by a health care provider visit and treatment plans are adjusted according to the new information. It would be unlikely if not impossible for these patients to receive the level of care and attention anywhere else. Well done, Kate!
And that’s not all, Kate also speaks Spanish and has been helping Noor’s providers with translation during telemedicine visits. We are so grateful for volunteers like Kate who show commitment beyond the scope of just a senior project.

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